Summary Judgment - Plaintiff Cannot Prove That Janitorial Company Had or Should Have Had Notice of the Condition

This spring, Kate Crouch earned summary judgment in the Circuit Court of Cook County, on behalf of a janitorial contractor sued by a slip and fall victim in the parking lot of a shopping mall.  Plaintiff, who sustained significant injuries, slipped upon a large slick of motor oil near the curb where the sidewalk met the parking lot.  We defended the case, and pursued summary judgment, on the ground that the plaintiff could not prove that the janitorial company had or should have had notice of the condition.  This case was an additional victory because our client was brought into this lawsuit only after fact witness and treating physician depositions had already been completed.  We worked with the available testimony and developed our own additional evidence to secure a quick and successful resolution on behalf of our client.  Ledesma v. MMSI, 2014 L 00891 (Circ. Ct. Cook Co.)