Cook County Construction Site Injury Lawsuit Resolved Just Prior to Jury Selection

Kate Crouch and Don O’Meara favorably resolved a substantial Cook County construction site injury lawsuit following several days of motions in limine and just prior to jury selection.  The suit was brought by a subcontractor laborer whose hand was crushed by equipment owned and operated by LPP’s client (another subcontractor on-site).  The impact resulted in a fractured thumb that developed Complex Regional Pain Syndrome, a neurological disorder that causes excruciating, constant pain. Plaintiff had exhausted nearly all of his treatment options and alleged he was unable to work in any capacity as a result of this incident. The plaintiff demanded $9 million, claiming permanent disability, disfigurement, a lifetime of pain and suffering, and extensive future medical and household services needs. While the specifics of the settlement are confidential, LPP substantially reduced the case’s value as a result of our pretrial motion practice and advantageous testimony obtained during evidence depositions, including potentially damaging impeachment of Plaintiff from his own treaters.