About LPP

Lindsay, Pickett & Postel, LLC is a boutique law firm practicing in the areas of civil defense litigation, insurance coverage, and appellate litigation in the greater Chicago area. We have earned a reputation for consistently providing great client service, being creative, aggressive, ethical, and thorough yet efficient.

What sets us apart from other firms? A law firm should be evaluated by its results, and we take pride in the results we have delivered for our clients, such as the ones listed on this website. We support our results by programs unique to our firm like our Early Creative Resolution Incentive Program discussed below. However, a law firm is also evaluated by how well it handles day-in, day-out interaction with its clients. Our attorneys understand the importance of responsiveness, great service, prompt reporting, client communication and teamwork. We understand that claims professionals and clients should never have to track down their counsel to find out what is happening on a case, and we take steps to make sure they don’t have to do so.

For cases where we are retained by an insurer to defend its insured in liability litigation, our firm is guided by the dual fiduciary duty under Illinois law to act in the best interests of the insured client we represent as well as the insurer client that retained us. We take this fiduciary duty seriously, and understand that it includes the duty to be good stewards of our clients’ resources. For all of our cases, we represent our clients vigorously, but we make sure that our efforts are efficient and sensible. Our approach is focused and targeted.  It is driven by the needs of the case at hand and tailored to the individual objectives of our insured client and insurer client. Our objective, in partnership with our client, is to reach the same good result by the shortest route.  This litigation philosophy permeates all of our work and has led to the formation of trust and many long term relationships with our clients.  You might say it’s our firm’s DNA.

LPP has developed a unique Early Creative Resolution Incentive Program (ECRIP) to support our duty to be good stewards of our clients’ resources and our objective to get to the same good result by the shortest route.  ECRIP represents a shift in focus from a traditional bonus approach based on billable hours to one that incorporates recognition and reward for early creative resolution success.  ECRIP puts considerable weight on the following factors: 1) how long the file is open; 2) the phase the case is resolved in; 3)  how creative the resolution is; and 4) the legal spend saved on the file.  ECRIP aligns with client objectives and the calling of our attorneys to be champions for their clients by performing excellent legal work in the most cost effective way.  ECRIP also led to LPP receiving the highest outside counsel award from one of our clients in recognition of value innovation and strategic partnership.

From the initial assignment, we work with the claims professional and client to develop a resolution strategy appropriate to the particular case. We team with and understand that the claims professional plays a vital role in the successful outcome of litigation.  Our firm has a structured “budget awareness” program where our attorneys review our fees expensed to date against our projected budgets. We regularly report this information to our clients to make sure our work is cost effective.  Our budget awareness program also helps remind everyone to look for exit ramps from the litigation when the right opportunity arises.

By consistently approaching our practice with these principles in mind, we have been very successful at building long-term partnerships with our clients. One of our clients, a national insurance carrier, found our billing practices to be the most cost-effective in comparison to the billing of other Chicago area defense firms. Another one of our insurer clients recently evaluated our firm on a number of industry standard metrics for knowledge/skill, file management, and service, and gave us their highest possible ranking. Our firm is also proud to be a Member of the Claims & Litigation Management Alliance (CLM), a nonpartisan alliance of corporations, insurance companies, law firms and service providers committed to furthering the highest standards of ethics and litigation management.