Product Liability Defense At Its Best

Lindsay, Pickett & Postel (LPP) provides product liability defense to manufacturers, distributors, and retailers throughout Illinois and Wisconsin.  We have decades of experience defending product liability actions involving serious injuries and death.

Leading Product Liability Defense In Chicago and Milwaukee

A successful product liability defense means becoming an expert in our client’s business.  LPP attorneys seek to learn everything there is to know about our client’s product, market and business during our initial investigation.  Combining that understanding with our knowledge of the governing state and federal laws is key to a successful outcome.  We have defended every theory of product liability in state and federal courts, from strict liability to ordinary negligence, including claims of defective design, defective manufacturing and failure to warn.  We have briefed countless motions on the appropriate legal standards and affirmative defenses which control our client’s liability and exposure in a given case.  We have retained, prepared and deposed dozens of product liability expert witnesses.

Connect With A Chicago Product Liability Defense Lawyer

Our firm takes pride in providing our clients with top-tier advocacy in a way that honors their time and resources. To learn more about our firm and the services we provide, reach out to a Chicago product liability defense lawyer at LPP via our contact page.