LPP Knows Transportation Liability Defense

Our attorneys understand the unique challenges faced by clients in the transportation industry when it comes to liability claims. Our dedicated team of defense attorneys is well-versed in the intricacies of this complex area of law in both Illinois and Wisconsin. We provide comprehensive defense services to trucking companies, logistics providers, product distributors, vehicle rental companies and other entities involved in the transportation sector.

At the outset of a case, we conduct an immediate analysis to determine any viable avenues for early, cost-effective resolution, while also working in conjunction with our Coverage Group to address risk transfer opportunities, tenders of defense, contractual indemnity, insurance policy interpretation, and coverage litigation between insurers.

LPP’s attorneys have defended against a myriad of transportation accidents and lawsuits, including commercial trucking and catastrophic injury and death claims. We work closely with accident reconstruction experts to ensure the cause of an accident is accurately assessed, evidence is preserved, and vehicle data is analyzed.

Our attorneys and investigators are experienced in conducting witness interviews, on-scene inspections, investigations into driver qualifications, employee retention, and punitive damages claims involving transportation liability.

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We take pride in providing our clients with top-tier advocacy in a way that honors their time and resources, while pursuing successful outcomes in the courts of Illinois and Wisconsin.

To learn more about our firm and the transportation liability services we provide, please contact LPP Partner, Howard Trafman, today to discuss your transportation liability needs.