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Peter Syregelas and Haley Loutfy Obtain Favorable Result After Insurer Wrongfully Denied Additional Insured Coverage

Jun 14, 2023 Additional Insured
In a risk-shifting case for a firm insurer client, Peter Syregelas and Haley Loutfy obtained a favorable settlement after a separate carrier, which insured the subcontractor of our client’s named insured, wrongfully denied additional insured coverage. Upon receipt of the matter, our firm implored the denying insurer to recognize its duty to defend as […]

Chris Pickett and Haley Loutfy Win Summary Judgment Against Additional Insured who Breached Notice Condition

May 28, 2023 Additional Insured
Chris Pickett and Haley Loutfy obtained summary judgment against an additional insured who voided coverage by violating the policy’s notice of suit condition. The case arose from a construction site injury involving a Plaintiff who sued multiple contractors, one of whom qualified as an additional insured on our client’s policy. After learning of the lawsuit […]

Blanket Additional Insured Endorsement’s Signature Requirement Enforceable

Oct 25, 2021 Additional Insured
Chris Pickett recently secured judgment on the pleadings in favor of their client, a CGL insurer.  At issue was a tender of defense from a putative additional insured general contractor for an underlying construction site injury.  The general contractor did have a written contract with our client’s named insured and […]