Category: Construction Injury

Steve Becker Secures Dismissal of General Contractor in Cook County Construction Case

Jun 03, 2023 Construction Injury
In a Cook County construction case, Steven Becker recently secured the dismissal, with prejudice, of the general contractor on the subject project. The Plaintiff, our client’s superintendent, alleged that he tripped and fell due to some construction materials that were left on the jobsite by the electrical contractor. The Plaintiff sued the […]

Peter Syregelas and Haley Loutfy Win Dispute Against Purported Additional Insured in Construction Injury Case

Feb 10, 2023 Construction Injury
Peter Syregelas and Haley Loutfy obtained judgment on the pleadings for an insurer against a purported additional insured which claimed coverage under a policy issued to our client’s named insured. The court held that the subcontract between the named insured and the general contractor did not effectively incorporate the obligation […]

Kate Crouch Obtains Summary Judgment in Long-Running Construction Negligence Case that Resulted in the Death of a Tradesman

Oct 15, 2021 Construction Injury
Kate Crouch obtained summary judgment in a long-running construction negligence case that resulted in the death of a tradesman who was crushed between sewer piping on a project in the City of Chicago.  Our client performed water main work in the area of Plaintiff’s decedent’s eventual injury, but completed its […]