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Peter Syregelas and Haley Loutfy Obtain Favorable Result After Insurer Wrongfully Denied Additional Insured Coverage

Jun 14, 2023 Additional Insured
In a risk-shifting case for a firm insurer client, Peter Syregelas and Haley Loutfy obtained a favorable settlement after a separate carrier, which insured the subcontractor of our client’s named insured, wrongfully denied additional insured coverage. Upon receipt of the matter, our firm implored the denying insurer to recognize its duty to defend as […]

Bill Lindsay and Josh Patrick Obtain Dismissal with Prejudice of Automobile Negligence Case in McHenry County, Illinois Due to Plaintiff’s Lack of Diligence in Serving Summons and Complaint

Feb 17, 2023 Auto
Bill Lindsay and Josh Patrick represented a motorist that struck an outdoor dining table abutting a parking stall while navigating the parking space.  The two plaintiffs seated at the table alleged that they were seriously injured when their dining table was pushed backwards in to them.  Our client’s insurer attempted […]

No Liability Verdict Obtained in Auto Accident Case

Aug 20, 2018 Auto
Bill Lindsay: We obtained a defense verdict of no liability in an auto accident case where the drivers both claimed the accident was caused by obstructed visibility as a result of overgrown shrubs on our client’s property at the intersection. Vole v. Curry, Circuit Court of Lake County.

Josh Patrick Obtains Defense Verdict for Tow Operator

Feb 20, 2018 Auto
Josh Patrick: Obtained a defense verdict at jury trial for a tow operator that was sued by the insurer of a driver whose vehicle was struck while responding to a service call.  Josh also prevailed on the tow operator’s counterclaim for property damage against the motorist that was struck.

William Lindsay Negotiates “High-Low Settlement” in Three Car Accident Case

Apr 15, 2016 Auto
Bill Lindsay: We negotiated a unique “High-Low Settlement” with the plaintiff in a three car, rear-end accident. Apportionment of liability against the client at trial was greater than the “High” end of settlement. The non-settling co-defendant was forced to absorb the difference. Hager v. Shulda, Circuit Court of Lake County.