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Steve Becker Secures Dismissal of Towing Company in St. Clair County Case Involving a Section 1983 Claim

Jun 13, 2023 Defense
In a St. Clair County case involving a Section 1983 claim, Steven Becker secured the dismissal of a towing company who was accused of having seized the Plaintiff’s car and property, in violation of his constitutional rights. We made numerous arguments, including that our client could not be liable under Section 1983 because […]

Chris Pickett, Matt Bing and Brendan Ross Achieve Favorable Settlement in Cook County Wrongful Death Case

Feb 22, 2021 Defense
Our client, a towing company, struck a pedestrian who was crossing a road at night.  The pedestrian passed away as a result of his injuries.   The entire incident was captured on surveillance video and was detrimental to our defenses.  Plaintiff—the decedent’s son—made an early $1M policy-limit demand. Despite the grim […]

Josh Patrick Obtains Dismissal With Prejudice of Fraud Claims

Nov 20, 2019 Defense
Josh Patrick: Obtained dismissal with prejudice of fraud claims brought against an investment firm by a creditor of a distressed industrial tooling supplier after the investor purchased the distressed company’s assets, later upheld on appeal.