Category: Premises Liability

Howard Trafman Secures Summary Judgment in Premises Case

Jun 28, 2022 Defense
Plaintiffs filed an Amended Complaint against our client- the premises owner, a general contractor, and architect for injuries one of the Plaintiffs allegedly sustained on June 26, 2017, while working on the roof at a construction project. Plaintiff allegedly fell from a ladder when the roof beneath the ladder caved […]

Kate Crouch Earns Summary Judgment on Behalf of Grocery Chain After a Slip and Fall by a Customer

Jun 15, 2022 Defense
Kate Crouch earned summary judgment from a federal magistrate judge on behalf of a grocery chain after a slip and fall by a customer.  Security footage showed that Plaintiff fell almost immediately after the floor had been washed by machine.  We successfully showed, using the security footage, that Plaintiff could […]

Kate Crouch Secures Summary Judgment on Behalf of Landowner for a Slip and Fall on Ice by Tenant

May 15, 2022 Defense
Kate Crouch secured summary judgment on behalf of a landowner for a slip and fall on ice by a tenant.  Through a strong deposition of Plaintiff in particular, we demonstrated that Plaintiff could not substantiate a claim that the ice accumulated unnaturally.  While Plaintiff suggested multiple theories for the ice’s […]

Steve Becker Prevails on Motion for Summary Judgment in Cook County

Dec 22, 2020 Defense
Steve Becker recently prevailed on a motion for summary in Cook County, Illinois.  The case involved a Plaintiff who was an employee of our client’s sub-lessee, wherein he alleged injuries suffered when he tried to open a large industrial gate that secured the leased premises.  He claimed that the gate […]