Appeal – Appellate Court Affirms Dismissal Of “Ponzio Scheme” Defamation Case

May 03, 2013 Appeals
Attorney David Osborne recently prevailed in an appeal arising out of a quite colorful defamation lawsuit in Cook County, stemming from the 2013 Elmwood Park election. The Plaintiff, Joseph Ponzio, was the unsuccessful candidate for Village President. Our client, a political consultant, created and distributed a campaign brochure shortly before […]

David Osborne Obtains Summary Judgment and Dismissal of Opponent’s Counterclaim in Wrongful Refusal to Defend Case

Jan 15, 2013 Additional Insured
David Osborne: Cause No. 09 CH 51473 (Cir. Ct. of Cook Co., IL Jan. 9, 2013) (obtained summary judgment and dismissal of opponent’s counterclaim, finding opposing insurer estopped for wrongfully refusing to defend mutual insured and shifting entire defense and indemnity burden to opposing insurer, rejecting fraud counterclaim as a […]