Peter Syregelas and Haley Loutfy Obtain Favorable Result After Insurer Wrongfully Denied Additional Insured Coverage

Jun 14, 2023 Additional Insured
In a risk-shifting case for a firm insurer client, Peter Syregelas and Haley Loutfy obtained a favorable settlement after a separate carrier, which insured the subcontractor of our client’s named insured, wrongfully denied additional insured coverage. Upon receipt of the matter, our firm implored the denying insurer to recognize its duty to defend as […]

Steve Becker Secures Dismissal of Towing Company in St. Clair County Case Involving a Section 1983 Claim

Jun 13, 2023 Defense
In a St. Clair County case involving a Section 1983 claim, Steven Becker secured the dismissal of a towing company who was accused of having seized the Plaintiff’s car and property, in violation of his constitutional rights. We made numerous arguments, including that our client could not be liable under Section 1983 because […]

Peter Syregelas Wins Appeal in Auto Liability Coverage Dispute

Jun 05, 2023 Coverage
Peter Syregelas defended a summary judgment he obtained in the circuit court of Cook County which found that an insured’s vehicle was not covered under her insurance policy and the insurer did not have a duty to defend or indemnify her for damage she caused to another vehicle. Peter fended off […]

Steve Becker Secures Dismissal of General Contractor in Cook County Construction Case

Jun 03, 2023 Construction Injury
In a Cook County construction case, Steven Becker recently secured the dismissal, with prejudice, of the general contractor on the subject project. The Plaintiff, our client’s superintendent, alleged that he tripped and fell due to some construction materials that were left on the jobsite by the electrical contractor. The Plaintiff sued the […]

Peter Syregelas and Haley Loutfy Obtain Summary Judgment After Finding That Insurer Properly Declined Life Insurance Policy

Jun 03, 2023 Coverage
Plaintiffs, as beneficiaries of an estate, filed a complaint against LPP’s client for a declaration that it wrongfully declined decedent’s life insurance policy application and therefore owed proceeds following his death only days after submitting the application. Plaintiffs also sought bad faith damages in connection with the insurer’s declination. Peter Syregelas and Haley […]