Peter Syregelas Wins Summary Judgment Ruling In BIPA Coverage Dispute

Sep 26, 2022 Coverage
LPP attorney Peter Syregelas recently won summary judgment in a case regarding insurance coverage under a series of Commercial General Liability (CGL) and Excess/Umbrella policies. Our client’s insured operated a series of grocery stores in Illinois and utilized a biometric handprint scanner for time tracking purposes. In a pair of […]

David Osborne And Peter Syregelas Obtain Summary Judgment In An Illinois Biometric Information Protection Act Coverage Dispute

Sep 24, 2022 BIPA
On behalf of an insurer client, LPP attorneys David Osborne and Peter Syregelas obtained summary judgment in an insurance coverage case arising out of a lawsuit alleging violation of the Illinois Biometric Information Protection Act (BIPA). The underlying lawsuit involved a BIPA claim for the insured’s (a restaurant chain) use […]

Kate Crouch Prevails On A Motion To Dismiss A Property Damage Subrogation Case Under A Waiver Of Subrogation Argument

Sep 23, 2022 Defense
An insurance company filed a property damage subrogation action against our client, a concrete subcontractor, seeking to recover payments it made on behalf of its insured as a result of damage caused to the heating system of a private home during an extensive landscaping/hardscaping project. Plaintiff’s insured was the general […]